School Closure Work- RE


All work is now being set on Google classroom. Many of you have already joined the classroom for your year group.


Please see below for the google classroom code if you have not already joined. You will have received an email invitation to join the classroom- if you have not yet joined please click on the link, or use the code.


All work will be set here on a weekly basis. You need to complete the work, and press submit once it has been completed. Please upload evidence of your work. This can be a photograph of your notes or if you complete your work on a computer, you can attach a word document.


If you have any queries about the work, you can leave a message on google classroom, and an RE teacher will get back to you.


Year Group

Google classroom code

Work to do

Year 7


Weekly tasks will be set on the topic ‘Spirited arts’.

Year 8


You are starting GCSE RE. You must complete all weekly tasks thoroughly. Upload your work weekly and keep all work safe for when you return to school.

Year 9


Continue to complete all work that is being set on the GCSE Judaism topic. Please ensure all work is uploaded.

Year 10



Continue to complete and upload GCSE work. It is very important that you continue to revise and complete work to a high standard.

Year 12


You have been set regular work for Christianity, philosophy and ethics. Keep all notes well organised and submit evidence of your work. You have also received a revision list for your exams. Please start making detailed revision notes.